Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez Reportedly Hung Out Months Before Affair Announcement

Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez Reportedly Hung Out Months Before Affair Announcement
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According to a report from Us Weekly, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez had a very public dinner together in April 2018, just a few months before it was revealed that Bezos and his wife were splitting up after 25-years as a couple. Since the news hit the mainstream, reports discussing a divorce battle have been ubiquitous.

Obtained by Page Six, Bezos and Sanchez are pictured sitting together at a Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle, which is just a couple of miles from Jeff's home in the upper-class neighborhood, Medina. In the state of Washington, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have three properties as well as four kids.

Sanchez and her former husband, Patrick Whitesell, also split up and have two children together, a son and a daughter. They live together in Seattle as well. Jeff and his wife, MacKenzie, both 48-years-old, revealed on the 9th of January they were calling it off for good.

Reports from the National Enquirer then revealed he and Lauren Sanchez had been having an affair. A source who spoke with Us Weekly said on the 11th of January that Jeff and Sanchez are getting quite serious about one another; it's not just a fling.

For months the relationship has been going on the source said to the outlet. Additionally, another insider explained that Sanchez' relationship with the 53-year-old, Whitesell, hasn't been going well for the last few years.

A source added that the two just don't get along as they once did, and Patrick is inexorably committed to his work, while Sanchez has cared less and less about her romance with him.

Us Weekly confirmed formerly that Sanchez and Whitesell had hired a celebrity lawyer named Laura Wasser to deal with the divorce proceedings. Thus far, social media has had a blast making jokes at Bezos' expense, with some people joking that Sanchez is the most expensive woman of all time.

Formerly, Jeff Bezos was the richest man in the world, reports Forbes Magazine, but after a divorce, it's doubtful he'll still have that title. Furthermore, some outlets have reported that MacKenzie will be the richest woman in the world if she takes 50% of Amazon's value.

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