Jane Fonda Touches On Her Bedroom Life As An 82-Year-Old Woman

Jane Fonda Touches On Her Bedroom Life As An 82-Year-Old Woman
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Jane Fonda is an 82-year-old actress and activist and she always finds herself in the headlines in some form or another. The star stopped by the virtual set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Friday in which she appeared alongside Tiffany Haddish.

Amid her chat with the Night School alum, Jane was asked about her robust sex life and she said she didn't "need it right now" because she's too busy. It all started when Tiffany chimed in during their chat and told her she looked amazing for her age.

Tiffany -  who's currently filling in for Ellen DeGeneres - said to the legendary actress, "what are you eating? I need to know what the secret is?" Haddish went on to ask her about her dating life. Jane said she wasn't sleeping with anyone because she's so old and has had enough of it in her life at this point.

According to Fonda , her "favorite ex-husband," Ted Turner, who famously created CNN, once told her that if a person waited long enough the interest would be lost. Jane says she thinks he was right about it because she couldn't even "have sex again" if she wanted too.

As most know, Fonda and Turner first tied the knot in 1991 but they separated around ten years later. Additionally, Fonda said she had a chance to hook up with Marvin Gaye who was still alive then, but she says she was hitched at that time.

Fans of Fonda know she has a reputation for looking great even in her old age. Moreover, the star has been the subject of media reporting for her various protests and demonstrations of political activism, however, earlier this month, her exercise video was front line and center.

Jane worked alongside a number of celebrities in the Exercise the Vote campaign which was created to encourage American citizens to vote in the upcoming election. Jane was featured in the video exercising while wearing 1980s-style leotards and a bandana.

Other stars such as Katy Perry - who recently gave birth to her child with Orlando Bloom - also participated in it.

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