Juice WRLD's Mother Shares Post In Honor Of Her Son For World Mental Health Day

Juice WRLD's Mother Shares Post In Honor Of Her Son For World Mental Health Day
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Carmella Wallace, the mother of the fallen rapper, Juice WRLD , wrote an open letter this week in which she addressed World Mental Health Day. Carmella announced the creation of a new website, Live Free 999 Fund, in honor of the special occasion.

Moreover, Wallace also wrote a letter in which she touched on the death of her son. Carmella says she and Jared, also known as Juice WRLD , used to talk openly and honestly all of the time about his battle with depression, anxiety, and addiction.

She says she thinks he felt very comfortable enough with her because she never judged him for how he felt. Wallace claims she recognized that his afflictions were a result of a disease rather than a character flaw, and she supported him in his battle against the "demons that "tormented him."

Wallace says she always encouraged her son to talk about how he felt, no matter how negative or depressing they were. Ever since he died, Carmella explained, she has received a tremendous amount of support and love.

Carmella says his spirit will continue to live on in the music that he created during his short life. Live Free 999, Carmelle added, is a website that's meant to support parents who have children who are struggling with similar problems as her late son.

As it was previously reported, Juice WRLD passed away at the ending of 2019 in Chicago's O'Hara International Airport. The police had just finished conducting a search of his private plane and they found large quantities of multiple drugs.

It was revealed shortly after he died that he took a "mystery pill" to avoid being apprehended by the police, and he later collapsed as he was walking through the airport.

Since Juice WRLD died, the rapper's posthumous record went to the number one spot on the Billboard Charts . Juice WRLD, like Pop Smoke, had his biggest album following the news of his tragic passing.

Pop Smoke didn't die from a drug overdose, however, he was gunned down in a home invasion that went awry. The artist's record was executive produced by 50 Cent and featured the likes of Quavo and more.

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