Jamie Lynn Spears Defends Britney Amid Conservatorship Drama

Jamie Lynn Spears Defends Britney Amid Conservatorship Drama
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Jamie Lynn Spears has her older sister's back. Page Six picked up on an Instagram post from the younger sister of Britney Spears this week in which she defended Britney amid her conservatorship drama that has lasted for years now.

An IG user recently took to the platform to comment on the pop star's mental health, and Jamie Lynn Spears responded. You can check out the post below:

Paraphrasing what Jamie-Lynn had to say, she argued that much of her career has been spent toward educating people on the trials and tribulations of those who suffer from bipolar disorder. Jamie-Lynn wrote that "manic episodes" aren't a joke.

She then went on to share tweets from Maren Morris, Kevin McHale, and Nina Parker. Jamie Lynn also shared her sympathy for all of the people out there who are dealing with the effects of mental illness on their family's lives.

An IG user, however, asked why she hasn't commented on Britney's "obvious" mental health issues. Jamie-Lynn wrote that she didn't have the right to comment on her sister's problems, and no one else had the right to do so either.

She then described her sister as an "unstoppable," "strong," "bada**" woman - in her view, the only "obvious" thing about her. Fans of Britney Spears know her mental health struggles have been in the media for many years, but it all started back in 2008 when her conservatorship began.

Last September, her father, Jamie Spears, stepped down from his position due to his own health problems . Earlier last week, her mother, Lynne Spears, requested to become included in all choices made regarding Britney's conservatorship from now on.

These days, Jodi Paris Montgomery, her care manager, has been serving as her conservator until the 22nd of August.

As it was previously reported, Britney canceled her Las Vegas residency as her father's health problems intensified. However, other reports have claimed her residency suffered in ticket sales.


Britney is very active on social media. She frequently posts videos and pictures of her workout routines. Earlier this year, she explained how her home gym accidentally burned down.

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