Jamie Spears Will Start As Britney's Conservator Again Soon Reports Claim

Jamie Spears Will Start As Britney's Conservator Again Soon Reports Claim
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According to a report from Jezebel, just a few weeks after Kevin Federline, Britney Spear's ex-husband, filed a temporary restraining order against Jamie Spears, her ex-conservator, for supposedly laying his hands on one of their sons, TMZ claims Britney's father will resume his duties in the upcoming weeks.

For the longest time, fans of the embattled pop-star speculated that Britney's conservatorship was under threat following the news that her Vegas residency had been canceled in addition to her sudden admittance into a mental health facility.

Other fans have come up with conspiracy theories regarding Britney's life and conservatorship, including some who believe the pop-star is being held against her will by a tyrannical father who doesn't have her best interests in mind.

For instance, a #FreeBritney hash-tag began trending on Twitter, which alluded to the aforementioned conspiracy theories. Furthermore, on the 18th of September, the Los Angeles Times reported some interesting facts regarding Jamie's role as a conservator over both her personal life as well as her estate for over a decade.

The LA Times pointed out the way in which Britney has appeared to be just fine on her own, recording four albums and going on just as many world tours. And with the recent report regarding Jamie's supposedly abusive behavior toward their son, fans are even more concerned.

Earlier this week, Jamie was replaced by a temporary conservator, Jodi Montogomery, however, TMZ Sports claims Jamie will return to the role soon. Additionally, TMZ Sports pointed out that Britney hadn't spoken to her dad since the 24th of August; she didn't show up to the conservator hearing, and she also went to a red carpet event.

Others believe Britney's hairstyle change, going from blonde to brunette, is a sign of a change, specifically related to Mr. Spears. It was on the 5th of September when TMZ first revealed Jamie had supposedly shaken Kevin and Britney's son - Sean.

Putting all that aside, fans and curious social media users are eagerly awaiting to see what happens next. As fans of the "Toxic" singer know, her breakdown in 2007 was the subject of much media reporting.

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