Meek Mill Reportedly Addresses 2018 Meeting Between Himself And Kim Kardashian - Does Kanye Think She Cheated?

Meek Mill Reportedly Addresses 2018 Meeting Between Himself And Kim Kardashian - Does Kanye Think She Cheated?
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According to multiple reports, Meek Mill and Kim Kardashian may have hooked up once in 2018 during a meeting in which they discussed prison reform.

Kanye reportedly took to his account this week to bring up a meeting between the rapper and his wife, sparking a response from Meek Mill. West wrote on Twitter that he has been trying to divorce his wife ever since she met up with Meek Mill two years ago.

As it was previously reported, the 43-year-old was on Twitter this week to lay out a series of allegations and insinuations involving his closest family members, including his wife, Kim, and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner.

In deleted tweets, the rapper claimed Kim and Meek Mill met up at the Waldorf Astoria to talk about prison reform, but Kanye appeared to insinuate that something may have happened between them. Reportedly, Meek Mill and Kim went to the criminal-justice summit at the luxury hotel.

Kanye wrote on his account that Meek was his "man" but his wife was "out of line." This Wednesday, Meek wrote that Kanye's tweets were "cappp," in other words, a lie. Thus far, Kim hasn't talked about any of his social media posts directly.

However, she did defend him on her Instagram. She claimed the people closest to Kanye West know his words don't always coincide with his intentions.

Thus far, there have been rumors of a potential divorce between Kim and Kanye, however, other sources have claimed Kim is merely supporting him publicly at the moment but plans on separating from the Ye artist in the years afterward.

This all comes after Kim also slammed Kris Jenner. He wrote on Twitter that his mother-in-law was ignoring his phone calls, and he also claimed the move, Get Out, was about him.

Many of the rapper's contemporaries have commented on the controversy, including the satirical 50 Cent, who told Kanye to sit down because his wife knew what was best for him. The rapper finished off his post with the old marriage-joke, "happy wife, happy life."


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