Jamie Lynn Spears Trashes Troll Who Suggested She Doesn't Care For Her Sister, Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears Trashes Troll Who Suggested She Doesn't Care For Her Sister, Britney
Credit: Source: Mamamia.com

According to a report from E! Online, Jamie Lynn Spears is sick of all the criticism directed at her family. While many fans are concerned for Britney Spears' well-being, some social media commenters have been far too overzealous, especially considering they're not getting the whole story or any of it for that matter.

"10 years ago, who was there?? I have been here long before anyone else, and I'll be here long after," the singer-actress remarked in the caption of an old video of Britney being accosted by an anonymous woman and photographers. Posting the video was meant to insinuate that Jamie Lynn has been there since the beginning.

The video shows Jamie Lynn yelling back at the person who was criticizing Britney, despite the fan having no knowledge of Spears' situation. The Zoey 101 alum said that she "loves her sister" with everything she has, so people who suggest otherwise are simply mistaken.

Jamie told the commenters to get off of her page if they're going to suggest she doesn't care about her sister. An account supposedly belonging to Lynne Spears left heart emojis on Jamie Lynn's post.

Near the beginning of the month, it was revealed that Britney was currently undergoing treatment at a mental health facility following the announcement of her father's health issues, specifically, a ruptured colon.

Jamie had to get a surgical operation not long after, and then Britney announced her hiatus on social media, effectively canceling her Las Vegas residency. Rumor has it that Britney has been in a psychiatric facility for other reasons.

A report from the New York Post recently reported that ticket sales for Spears' residency weren't quite as good as she and her managers were expecting. Thus far, the family hasn't commented on any of the rumors, however, Britney's mother has been stoking the flames by liking incendiary posts on social media.

On Sunday, however, Britney was seen out in public with her man, Sam Asghari. An eyewitness said that Britney looked pretty happy while out with her man, Sam.


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