Is Kim Kardashian Teasing Kylie Jenner About Billionaire Status?

Is Kim Kardashian Teasing Kylie Jenner About Billionaire Status?
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Is Kim Kardashian teasing Kylie Jenner about her billionaire status? Is she bragging that she's a billionaire and Kylie isn't? Forbes left Kylie Jenner's fans in shock when they rescinded their declaration that she was the youngest billionaire in history and alleged that she misrepresented her earnings on tax documents. Now, Kanye West declared his wife Kim Kardashian a billionaire , and once again, Forbes turned around and declared that Kim Kardashian isn't really a billionaire either. Now, a new report in the upcoming July 20, 2020, issue of OK! magazine states that Kim is claiming her billionaire status and rubbing it in Kylie Jenner's face.

A source spoke to the outlet and stated the following.

"Kim's so proud of what she's accomplished, and she's worked hard to get there, but here's a part of her that can't help but rub Kylie's nose in it."

Neither Kim Kardashian nor Kylie Jenner have addressed the claims publicly or revealed any tension with each other.

The source went on to state that there is tension between Kim and Kylie due to the fact that Kim was the first sibling to really make a fortune. According to OK!, Kim always resented the fact that Kylie Jenner didn't give credit to Kim for her own success. Kim paved the way for Kylie to become a success with Kylie Cosmetics, and the source said that Kylie overlooked all of Kim's efforts and instead, relished in the fact that she was the most successful Kardashian/Jenner.

Since Forbes rescinded Kylie's status, now Kim Kardashian is back on top and the source says that Kim is enjoying her title.

The source continued, "Now that Kim's back on top, she wants everyone to know it."

What do you think about the report? Do you believe that Kim Kardashian is rubbing it in Kylie Jenner's face that she's a billionaire? Do you believe that Kim Kardashian is really a billionaire?

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