T.I. Has An Important Announcement For Fans - Watch His Video

T.I. Has An Important Announcement For Fans - Watch His Video
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T.I. has an important announcement for fans and followers on his social media account. Check out the video that he recently shared below.

A commenter posted this: 'The Guardian has an article on Lloyd's of London paying reparations. File the paperwork,' and someone else said: 'Better together than we’ll ever be apart. See Tip know🤷🏾‍♂️'

Someone else wrote: 'Really not nice what you show to the children on the back seat. Instead of going to University and living a life with serenity. All lives matter. And there is no hate only in the people's imagination that become a reality. Dont think that you won't attract it.'

Another follower said: 'You were always something through a tv screen on BET in Edmonton. Now. You are doing all that I always felt through that tv screen, on welfare, raising or trying to raise my kids with all that moral and integrity that is in me just as much. You are the voice.'

Someone else posted the following message: 'That’s crazy, I see that bank all the time but you would not be able to tell that it’s been here that long,' and someone else wrote: 'You should talk nicely in front of children, not this aggressive and scary as very loud. That can disturb the peace of mind. Very not nice.'

One follower said: 'Hey Tip hope you and your family are staying safe.'

Not too long ago, T.I.   addressed gun violence and talked about the killing of five children. Check out his heartbreaking post below.

‘Ok now I’m pissed off!!!! We owe these babies so much more of a better life filled with peace, love,& opportunity 💔😢😞 I’m LIVID‼️ I promise you ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in my power WILL BE DONE!!!!! #OnDoe #OnPhil,’ Tip captioned his post.

People were really angry and outraged after seeing Tip's post on social media. They made sure to express their feelings in the comments.

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