T.I. Addresses Gun Violence - The Murders Of Five Children

T.I. Addresses Gun Violence - The Murders Of Five Children
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T.I. just addressed gun violence and talked about the killing of five children. Check out his heartbreaking post below.

'Ok now I'm pissed off!!!! We owe these babies so much more of a better life filled with peace,love,& opportunity 💔😢😞 I'm LIVID‼️ I promise you ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in my power WILL BE DONE!!!!! #OnDoe #OnPhil,' Tip captioned his post.

Someone said: 'A lot of weird sh*t been going on. I don't believe all these random shootings are from Black people.'

One other follower posted this: 'Minority males involved in gang violence against each other needs to end and their energy needs directing towards the k k k and changing political racism.'

A follower said: 'Yo, we really have to watch out for these random shootings! Something isn't adding up and truly know who's doing it lets not sleep on it.'

Someone else posted: 'We must unite and police our own, keep the news/media out our neighborhood and be in control of the narrative so they aren’t painting a picture over our agenda.'

A commenter wrote: 'How can we say Black Lives Matter to the world when black lives don’t matter to black folks!!!! How can we have people from all walks of life protesting with us and the have a weekend like this??!!!!!! How can we expect black lives to matter to police or anybody else for that matter when black lives DONT matter to black folks!!!!! It starts with us!'

Someone else said: 'the demonstrations and protests of police brutality against blacks is in vain if Blacks themselves kill each other, it is very sad that they kill innocent creatures.'

Earlier, Tiny Harris  shared a video on her social media account featuring T.I. and fans hopped in the comments to praise the rapper.

People are loving the fact that he's offering the black community support and he's fighting for people's rights.

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