NeNe Leakes' Funny Video She Shared Featuring Gregg Leakes Makes Fans Smile

NeNe Leakes' Funny Video She Shared Featuring Gregg Leakes Makes Fans Smile
Credit: BET

NeNe Leakes announced her fans on IG and Twitter that she's got a video out that also featured Gregg Leakes and her followers love it. Check it out for yourselves below.

Here's her tweet:

A lot of people said that the RHOA producers painted NeNe to seem something that she in not and praised her in the comments.

Someone said: 'This seems like who she really is, RHOA producers painted her to be who she’s not. Mrs. Leakes for the win. Loved it!!'

A follower posted this message: 'like this nene. She has soooo much potential... her energy is contagious. I hope her work outside RHOA is successful. I don't really like the Nene on RHOA.'

A commenter wrote: 'Imma say it AGAIN Gregg Leakes is the man. He supports his wife in everything she does. This was hilarious.'

One other follower said: 'That was fun. I could have watched her do that for an hour. I could binge-watch this.'

Someone else posted this: 'I liked the effortless, age appropriate clap backs for the 17 y/o. Our son is only 2, but I’ve already been thinking about toddler clap backs for when he starts speaking more clearly. ☺️Some of these little ones already take after their parents in a bad way.'

A person on youtube said: 'This was pretty funny for her first attempt. Curious to see what’s she got up her sleeve next week.'

Another commenter also loved NeNe's video and wrote: 'Why am I over here with real tears 😭!!! This was funny as heck. Especially the NEXXXXTTTTTT!!!! Not to mention Greg.'

Someone gushed over Gregg: 'Gregg was hilarious. What kind of advice you going to give me? Keep it moving. You just gotta love Gregg. He's always supporting his wife no matter what.'

NeNe and Gregg are living their best lives these days.

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  • Carol
    Carol Jul 11, 2020 9:19 AM PDT

    Ne ne congratulations on your journey! You are a inspiration to me. I learned to put some people in check and don't care what the outcome off it will be. Thanks again queen Ne Ne .

  • 4Real
    4Real Jul 11, 2020 7:29 AM PDT

    NeNe I love it, keeping it all the way real. Keep moving forward in your career. You are so underrated in your talent.

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