Hilaria Baldwin Shows Off Growing Baby Bump In Two-Piece As Alec Baldwin Proves His Love By Mowing The Lawn

Hilaria Baldwin Shows Off Growing Baby Bump In Two-Piece As Alec Baldwin Proves His Love By Mowing The Lawn
Credit: Source: Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin is getting closer to her due date and now the 36-year-old mother of four children with husband Alec Baldwin is showing off her growing baby bump . Posting a photo of herself wearing a two-piece bathing suit, Hilaria showed off her stomach. She added several heart and star emojis to the snap that was taken in her bathroom. She wore a baseball cap and tucked her hair up under it. Holding her cell phone in her hand, Hilaria snapped the selfie by capturing her reflection in the bathroom mirror. While Hilaria was showing off her baby bump, fans were giving praise to Alec Baldwin who showed off his love for his wife and children by mowing the property with a manual lawnmower.

Hilaria looked beautiful as always as she wore a strapless black bikini with white embroidery and lovingly placed her hand on her baby bump. She looked content at her phone and even though her baby bump is growing larger, there isn't an ounce of fat on Hilaria's body.

The yoga instructor has been showing off her at-home workouts that she does around the house in order to keep in shape.

You may see the photo that Hilaria Baldwin shared in her Instagram story below.

The family has been quarantining together and Hilaria regularly shares photos and videos of Alec with their children. In one of her latest videos, Hilaria posted the following.

" We are super organic with our property and this year there are so many clover flowers. They are beautiful but attract so many bees. The place where our children play has tons and tons and the kids are getting stung regularly on their feet by walking through the lawn. It is heartbreaking. We love bees and we have lots of property that the kids don’t play on where the bees can have all the flowers they want. Leo just got a bad sting and Alec decided that was it...so...here he goes —chop, chop, Baldwin 💜😂. Proud of your effort 🔥"

You may see the video below.

Can you believe how quickly Hilaria Baldwin's pregnancy is progressing? What did you think about Alec Baldwin's video?

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