Hilaria Baldwin Has Said That She And Alec Will Have To Wait And See Whether They Decide To Expand Their Family

Hilaria Baldwin Has Said That She And Alec Will Have To Wait And See Whether They Decide To Expand Their Family
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Even though Alec and Hilaria Baldwin already have seven small children, there is still room for more children in the family. The Baldwins are not ruling out the possibility of having more children.

I would never have changed my mind if I'd known then what I know now. In an interview that was published on Monday with Us Weekly, Hilaria Baldwin said, "Seven kids in, I feel like I am."

However, it's just Alec and myself; she pointed out. Therefore, only time shall tell! The 38-year-old yoga instructor from Boston and her actor husband, who is 64, just became parents to the newest member of the Baldwin family, a girl named Ilaria Catalina Irena.

Ilaria was welcomed into the family by older siblings Carmen, 9; Rafael, 7; Leonardo, 6; Romeo, 4; Eduardo, 2, and Lucia, 20 months, in addition to Ireland, Alec's 27-year-old daughter from a previous relationship with Kim Basinger.

In a separate interview with Us Weekly, Hilaria explained, "I have to confess that once I reached three kids, I just welcomed the craziness." We have a crazy and entertaining house for guests. There is constantly something going on.

The fitness instructor said immediately after giving birth that she was battling with tremendous mom guilt, a sensation that still creeps up sometimes, despite the fact that she was ecstatic about the arrival of Ilaria on September 22nd.

In her interview with The Huffington Post on Monday, she said, "I think many parents, whether they have one kid or a million, feel like we are never enough." However, she added that she is attempting to push into self-compassion and remind herself that she is only one person trying her best.

The host of the Mom Brain podcast continued by saying that her most difficult challenge these days is to be fully present for each of her children.

She said that she only sometimes succeeds in striking the perfect balance between helping the two eldest children with their bedtime homework, spending time with the middle children playing, and continuing to breastfeed the two youngest children.

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