Has Angelina Jolie Forbidden Jon Voight From Talking Politics To Her Kids?

Has Angelina Jolie Forbidden Jon Voight From Talking Politics To Her Kids?
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Has Angelina Jolie forbidden Jon Voight from talking politics to her kids? That's the discussion making social media rounds after reports have surfaced saying that Jon Voight loves to talk to his kids using Face Time, but Angelina has set some rules in place. It's no secret that Angelina has had a contentious relationship with her father and there was a period where they had very little interaction. According to reports, the two have mended their relationship and get along better than ever — but they have very different political views that can cause issues. Jon Voight backs President Donald Trump and was one of the few celebrities to speak boldly about his support. He even attended President Trump's inauguration and spoke to crowds.

According to an upcoming report in Life & Style for their April 20, 2020, issues, a source dished that Jon is not allowed to talk about politics to the children.

The source stated the following.

"Angie and Jon are on polar opposite sides of the political spectrum, and he can be pretty outspoken about his conservative views. They're on good terms right now, though, and Angie just wants to keep it that way. At the end of the day, family is family and the kids love their grandpa."

You may see a report by InTouch Weekly about the subject below.

The Coronavirus has caused the United States to self-isolate and many grandparents are staying away from their grandchildren in order to keep them safe and prevent the deadly virus from spreading. Jon Voight is doing the best thing for his grandchildren's health by self-isolating and speaking to them on Face Time. It's also important that he respects Angelina Jolie's wishes and not bring up subjects that might cause the children to become upset. If Angelina is upset or anxious regarding the topic of discussion Jon Voight engages in with his grandkids, it will only cause the children to become upset as well.

Fortunately, it looks like everything is going smoothly and Jon Voight is abiding by Angelina's rules and shelving the political discussion for now.

Angelina's oldest child, Maddox, has returned from school in South Korea and has been helping his mother take care of his brothers and sisters during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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