Michelle Williams Urges Followers To Seek Mental Health Help While Dealing With Self-Isolation

Michelle Williams Urges Followers To Seek Mental Health Help While Dealing With Self-Isolation
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Staying home is a dream come true for some people. However, this COVID-19 pandemic is certainly not a vacation.

Between worrying about how they will be able to afford to pay their bills, to the new burden of homeschooling to something as simple as grocery shopping -- this virus is affecting nearly everyone differently.

If you are isolating alone or even with other people, the loneliness can do a number on your mental health. There are some who feel better on the inside by spending time outside doing things like going to the gym or even just visiting a friend.


Not to mention, those who usually visit therapists are facing new challenges of being able to attend their usual appointments.

Destiny's Child alum has been very candid about struggling with anxiety and depression and she recently took to social media with a message for her followers.

The singer tweeted a link to a website called virusanxiety.com. It's a website that helps people cope with their troubling feelings about the Coronavirus.

Additionally, she reassured her fans with a tweet that read: 'It’s ok to process your trauma/abuse with trusted professionals in the area of mental health!! Counseling and Therapy is one of God’s gifts too!!'

Michelle isn't the only celebrity that is actively trying to help her followers.

Taraji P. Henson has helped create a free virtual therapy service.

The actress shared on her Instagram: 'This campaign is for under-served communities experiencing life-changing events related to, or triggered by, the Covid-19 pandemic. n the African American community, we’ve been taught to tough it out, hide our suffering, but this is something none of us have ever experienced, and no one should suffer in silence.'

The service will 'have the cost for up to five individual sessions defrayed on a first-come, first-serve basis.'

It's great to see these ladies doing all they can to help those who need it most.

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