Gigi Hadid Rocks Shirt With Special Message Fans Believe Is Directed At Tyler Cameron

Gigi Hadid Rocks Shirt With Special Message Fans Believe Is Directed At Tyler Cameron
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According to a report from E! Online, Gigi Hadid recently was spotted wearing a particular outfit in New York City, which some fans believe may be a shot at Tyler Cameron, who she was rumored to be dating, despite Gigi and Tyler's claims to the contrary.

Approximately two weeks after E! News learned that the supermodel and reality star had broken up, the star was spotted wearing a t-shirt which had written on it, "Boys Lie, Good-Bye."

Following news of their split, Gigi was spotted hanging out at the SNL after-party at Zuma, where she hung around her close friend, Taylor Swift, who also performed there. Thus far, neither Hadid nor Cameron have discussed the purported split publicly.

But, as it was noted above, both Tyler and Gigi denied ever actually dating in the first place. They were just hanging out and having a good time together in a casual way they claimed. Shortly before the news came out that they stopped hanging out, Cameron stated he may have been "single."

A source who spoke with the aforementioned outlet claimed the relationship was simply moving at a rate too fast for both of them, so they chose to call it off. However, with all that said, they're still friends and on good terms.

The insider added that Gigi is currently very busy with traveling whereas Tyler is trying to get used to the city of New York City. However, the source explained that Tyler would definitely be open to dating Gigi again in the future, but just not for now.

Gigi's last long-term boyfriend was Zayn Mailk, from One Direction, who has all but disappeared from the limelight following his massively successful single, "Pillow Talk."

Some fans of his speculated on social media that their breakup and subsequent decrease in media attention played a significant role in his sudden downturn in popularity. Moreover, his album, Icarus Falls, performed horribly on the Billboard 200.

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