Rosario Dawson Gushes Over Boyfriend Cory Booker - Are Wedding Bells In Their Future?

Rosario Dawson Gushes Over Boyfriend Cory Booker - Are Wedding Bells In Their Future?
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Rosario Dawson gushed over her boyfriend Senator Cory Booker in a recent interview. The actress is so in love with her man that there just might be wedding bells in their future.

Oh, what a difference a year makes. The actress did not hold back praising her politician boyfriend in a new feature for The Washington Post . However, last summer the couple was not even sure there would be a love connection.

"There was no love connection there," Booker admitted to the newspaper.

It didn't take long for the connection and spark to emerged after their first meeting in the summer of 2018. The couple simply began talking and one year ago, after hours on the phone a romance bloomed.

Rumors began running ramped earlier this year that the Presidential hopeful and the actress were dating. They causally confirmed their relationship a few months ago. Since then fans have watched their blossoming romance from afar, while their families have had a front-row seat.

Dawson's mom Isabel Celeste made the prediction to The Washington Post that Booker would marry her daughter. It is a bold statement but the Zombieland: Double Tap star isn't arguing with her mom. She is instead raving about her man.

"For my whole life, I've always felt like, even when I got into a relationship, I was trying to be the center of the storm and everything was just this maelstrom out there. But for the first time, I feel like I have someone in the center of the storm with me," Dawson expressed.

Booker is on the same page as his lady love. He is so head over heels that when the duo has to spend time apart because of their busy careers, Booker reportedly writes her love poems.

"Look, both of us, you know, we've had relationships but I'm not sure if I've ever fully given myself over to a relationship as much as I have with her and allowed myself to be as vulnerable," he admitted.

Love is certainly in the air for Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker, as they celebrate one year of dating. The two are not photographed together often but when they are, both of them look extremely happy.

Dawson is gearing up to join Booker on the campaign for a short time in Iowa next month. The two are each other's biggest supporters. They are finally letting the public know exactly how they feel in their relationship.

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