George Clooney Has Reportedly Not Been Seen With His Children In 200 Days As Divorce Rumors Gain Steam

George Clooney Has Reportedly Not Been Seen With His Children In 200 Days As Divorce Rumors Gain Steam
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Rumors continue to fly that George Clooney’s marriage is in trouble. And, now a new report claims that it has been more than 200 days since the Ocean’s Eleven star was seen in public with his twins, Ella and Alexander.

According to Radar Online , Clooney’s glamorous lawyer wife, Amal, has been seen with the adorable one-year-old’s, but the buzz of a divorce and possible custody battle is gaining steam - especially since George and Amal haven’t been photographed together since December at the United Nations Correspondents Association Awards.

“George and Amal have been arguing over their varying lifestyles — and rumors of a rift have been going around for months,” said an insider. “She’s all business, he’s all play. They’re like oil and water. They don’t mix — and there’s talk of a possible custody fight over the twins.”

Insiders say that George and Amal - who wed in 2014 - didn’t spend their fourth anniversary together, and she skipped out on George’s annual Halloween party in Las Vegas for his Casamigos tequila brand. George has been having a good time with friends in Los Angeles while Amal has been in New York with the kids, and some sources claim that George has told Amal he wants out of the marriage.

Apparently, George and Amal have been living separate lives for a long time, and she has left their home in England and taken the twins to a new Italian hideaway on the island of Sardinia.

Sources say that George loves to be the life of the party, and he has been spending time with business partner Rande Gerber to take his mind off his marriage problems.

For two decades, George was a popular Hollywood bachelor who didn’t seem to have any plans for settling down and getting married. But that all changed when he met Amal. After the two tied the knot, Amal made George a first-time dad at the age of 56, and he couldn’t stop gushing about them at the time.

George said that his son and daughter were born with personalities, with Ella being “very elegant and dainty” with big beautiful eyes, and Alexander is a “thug” who “laughs louder than everyone in the room.”

Insiders insist that George will be a big part of his kids’ life if there is a divorce, and he has the financial ability to arm himself with a team of the best lawyers in Los Angeles. However, Amal is a tough lawyer, and she will fight to get full custody, so things could get ugly.

George Clooney has not commented on the rumors surrounding his marriage to Amal.

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  • Judy shelton
    Judy shelton Feb 3, 2019 3:59 AM PST

    I doubt if I get an answer but no pictures to my knowledge have even been taken of clooneys twins, why is that ?? Every famous person can’t wait to shoe off they’re children , his will be 2 yrs in June . Never has the public seen them , why?

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