New release of Amal Clooney in a translucent scarlet dress

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George Clooney Explains How Meeting Wife Amal Clooney Changed His 'Incredibly Empty' Life!

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George Clooney And Julia Roberts Reunite For New Movie Ticket To Paradise

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George Clooney Says That His New Hobbies Are Cleaning After His Twin 'Slobs' As Well As Doing Laundry And Dishes!

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George Clooney Shares Romantic Gesture He And Amal Like To Do To Keep The Flame Alive 7 Years Into Their Relationship!

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George Clooney Reveals He Was Never 'Fully In Love' Before Meeting Amal

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Tom Cruise Rant Goes Viral -- People Agree With Angry Actor

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George Clooney Defends Tom Cruise - Says He Never 'Over Reacted'

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