Amal Clooney Reportedly Bans George Clooney From Island Getaway As Divorce Rumors Swirl

Amal Clooney Reportedly Bans George Clooney From Island Getaway As Divorce Rumors Swirl
Credit: Source: IB Times

George Clooney’s alleged half-a-billion dollar divorce from Amal Clooney is heating up. In the latest development, Amal has reportedly fled the couple’s estate in England for a secret island getaway in Italy – and she doesn’t want George anywhere near her.

Inside sources claim that Amal took the couple’s twins, Ella and Alexander, with her to the island. Although George is begging her to return home, Amal refused to listen and told him he is not welcome in the main part of the house. Instead, she said he could sleep in the guest house if he wants to see the kids.

“He wanted them to enjoy the new property together, but after an explosive argument, she ran off there with Alexander and Ella,” a source revealed. “She’s told him if he comes, he’ll have to stay in the guest house!”

According to Radar Online , the source revealed that George wants to work things out and is devastated by the thought of having a divorce. The troubling news comes after the couple bought the island villa for around $350,000.

An insider claims that George and Amal bought the estate through a private trust to keep the sale under wraps. The real estate agent who brokered the deal was required to sign a non-disclosure deal to assure the privacy of the family.

The lavish estate is situated in a private community that includes other billionaires. The villa also features its own helicopter pad and is located near a golf course and marina.

The divorce rumors started because George and Amal have not been spotted together in public for several months. Sources claim that the two are fighting over the twins and have not been able to work out their differences. If they do get a divorce, it could cost George upwards of $500 million.

Despite the rampant rumors, other sources say that everything is fine between George and Amal. While they have been keeping their relationship out of the public eye, they are apparently doing great and not on the verge of a disastrous divorce.


Unfortunately, George and Amal Clooney have yet to address the divorce rumors.

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