Tori Spelling Talks 'Beverly Hills 90210' Reboot As Hubby Dean McDermott Takes Down Cyberbullies

Tori Spelling Talks 'Beverly Hills 90210' Reboot As Hubby Dean McDermott Takes Down Cyberbullies
Credit: Source: Michael Becker / FOX

It's been a busy time for Tori Spelling and her hubby Dean McDermott. After her big reveal as the Unicorn on Fox's hit series The Masked Singer , Tori revealed that the reboot of Beverly Hills 90210  is a go. She'll be joining the cast along with many other original members. As things seem to be a bit hectic with Tori, her husband has been busy fighting cyberbullies who weight-shamed and verbally attacked his kids.

Tori Spelling impressed the nation with her performances on The Masked Singer and fans were in shock and awe when she removed the mask and was unveiled.

She received plenty of praise from the judges and the audience adored her. If Tori was nervous about singing in public she shouldn't be. Hopefully, the experience helped her overcome any insecurities she faced.

You can see Tori performing as the Unicorn below but as Tori was going about her business, some social media trolls left negative remarks about her five children.

In today's world, seeing a female celebrity who has given birth to so many children is a bit rare. There are women like Angelina who have large families, but Tori has taken time out of her career to go through pregnancies and deliveries. She's shared her realities of pregnancy and motherhood in a very down to earth way.

It probably shouldn't have come as a surprise to many that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are more down-to-earth in their approach to their family when the cameras aren't there recording everything.

Tori Spelling was sharing some behind the scenes photos and some people remarked on her children's appearances. The kids really look like your average American children and not primped, polished, and photoshopped as some other celebrity kids appear. Snapchat-filter photos on infants aren't real, people.

Both Tori and Dean frequently share family pictures that let the public see that despite their ups and downs, this family is in it for the long haul and has their hands full.

After the trolls left negative comments, Dean McDermott responded with the following message.

“I am absolutely horrified and disgusted by the comments being left about my children. Body shaming and bullying my children??!! What is wrong with you people??!! For your information, we went from a long day at school to the movie. And I don’t know any child that is NOT disheveled at the end of the day. Not to mention that just before this picture was taken, they were wrestling and running around with all the other kids that were at the movie. So I apologize we didn’t get the iron and steamer out to make them perfect for you, Their [sic] kids. They’re messy and dirty. That’s what they do. And what’s wrong with shopping at Target??!! Over half of America shops there. The way they grow out of clothing so quickly is astounding. Are we supposed to shop at Gucci?? These are kids folks. Messy stinky little bundles of fun, laughter and love."

People responded positively to McDermott's reply and many commented that they too love shopping at Target.

But while there has been plenty of drama and excitement going on with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, it's the reboot of Beverly Hills 9021 that has people talking.

Tori Spelling didn't specifically name everyone who is confirmed for the reboot but said that "practically everyone" is involved. She also extended a special invite to Shannen Doherty to let her know the cast wants her included.

What do you think? Are you excited for a Beverly Hills 90210 reboot?


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