Gavin Rossdale Reveals His ‘Most Embarrassing Moment’ In Life Was The Divorce From Gwen Stefani!

Gavin Rossdale Reveals His ‘Most Embarrassing Moment’ In Life Was The Divorce From Gwen Stefani!
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It’s been almost five years since Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani put an end to their marriage and now, the man is opening up about the divorce! That being said, he admitted that it was the ‘most embarrassing moment’ in his life!

The main reason why is the fact that the public was able to see it all go down and perceived it in a ‘gross and lopsided’ way.

Looking back at it, Gavin thinks it was all a great ‘embarrassment.’

As fans know, the two were married on and off for no less than 13 years before the final split and they share three sons together.

During a new interview for U.K.’s The Guardian, Rossdale said all of this and more, including the fact that he is not happy with being judged.

When asked to share his most embarrassing moment, that is when the man opened up about his split from Gwen.

‘The gross and lopsided specter of the crumbling of my marriage,’ he told the news outlet.

Following their separation, many reports surfaced that Gwen had caught him cheating with their nanny and that is what supposedly led to her filing for divorce.

Not too long after, Gwen went on to meet and fall in love with Blake Shelton on The Voice.

The two are still very much romantically involved today and everything seems to be going great, the country singer even being really close to her and Gavin’s three boys .

As for his biggest disappointment, Gavin revealed it was related to his career and not Gwen.

‘Sometimes it was disappointing not to have the fan base at home in the UK that we had elsewhere.’

Later on in the interview, he was also asked what trait he most despised in others and he made it very clear it was ‘judgment’ which makes a lot of sense given what he said about his split from Gwen and how the public reacted to it.

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