Gavin Rossdale Reveals What It's Like To Co-Parent With Gwen Stefani

Gavin Rossdale Reveals What It's Like To Co-Parent With Gwen Stefani
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During a new interview with SiriusXM, Gavin Rossdale, the Bush frontman and reality television star, shared what it was like for him and his ex-wife to co-parent their children together. Just Jared picked up on the interview in which the 54-year-old singer spoke about his ex-wife who's currently in a relationship with Blake Shelton.

Fans of Gavin know that he and Gwen have three children together, and they're staying with their mom and Blake at their home in Oklahoma. Gavin said in the interview that separating time with the kids is the biggest issue.

"Split custody" was the "real big dilemma," the singer-songwriter remarked. Gavin went on to say that he missed his kids a lot, and they've been doing a lot of Facetime. You can check out the YouTube video below:

Apparently, things between Gwen and Gavin aren't going well either. Nick Markus reported on the 3rd of January, this year, that it's been four years since they split up and they still struggle to get along . Sources claimed that even when it comes to their kids, they can't make it work.

Nick reported that Nick and Gwen are so averse to each other that they can't even be in the same room anymore. An insider who spoke with HollywoodLife said that Gwen and Gavin only speak in relation to their children and that's it.

They have three sons together, including Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, who are 13, 11, and 5, respectively. Gavin hasn't been around his kids as much as he'd like either. In fact, sources claim they're often seen with Blake more than Gavin.

Gwen and Blake started dating not long after she and Gavin finally divorced. Reportedly, the main reason why Gwen and Blake aren't married yet is the fact she's a committed Roman Catholic. She'd like to have her first marriage annulled before officially tying the knot for the second time.

Gavin, allegedly, isn't in a big rush to do that for her. Fans of the Bush frontman know he has had an acting career as well, including in the 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves, Constantine . Gwen, on the other hand, first came to prominence in the band, No Doubt, before going on to a very successful solo career in music and in reality television.

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