Nicole Scherzinger Shows Off Her Flawless Curves As She Continues To Vacation With Thom Evans

Nicole Scherzinger Shows Off Her Flawless Curves As She Continues To Vacation With Thom Evans
Credit: Source: Nicole Scherzinger/Instagram

Nicole Scherzinger just celebrated her 42nd birthday on June 29, 2020, and she's still vacationing with boyfriend Thom Evans. The couple has shared photos where they are living their best lives and it appears they are nearly oblivious to the Coronavirus pandemic. The couple has been boating, posing on the beach, spending time with Thom's family and putting their love on full display while they continue to enjoy each other's company. Nicole looked gorgeous in a very affordable bikini. Made by OYSHO, the ruffled, red bikini costs approximately $50. Nicole and Thom posed together on a boat and Nicole shared a slideshow where she showed off her flawless curves.

Nicole wrote the following as she celebrated her birthday and thanked her fans for sending their love and positive energy her way.

Another year older never felt so good!! Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Your love and gratitude made my heart full❤️☀️ I am so blessed!

You may see the slideshow with Nicole wearing the OYSHO bikini below.

In another photo slideshow that Nicole shared with her 4.5 million followers, she wore a white bikini along with a cowboy hat. Thom hugged Nicole as she wrapped her leg around his, and then in a second photo, he picked her up and held her in a bear hug. They posed in front of a picturesque scene of tranquil blue water and a perfect sky that was tinged with a hint of pink and purple hues. You may see those photos below.

Thom shared a photo of himself with Nicole as they celebrated Father's Day with his parents.

Nicole and Thom have been having plenty of fun making videos for Tik Tok. They even said that Tik Tok has become their new workout and it's plain to see as they are always exercising, dancing, and goofing off together on the social media platform.

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