'Frustrated'50 Cent Started The Randall Emmett Feud For A Very Specific Reason -- It Had Nothing To Do With 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent

'Frustrated'50 Cent Started The Randall Emmett Feud For A Very Specific Reason -- It Had Nothing To Do With 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent
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What is going on between 50 Cent and Randall Emmett? While it is apparent that things between the two are over now and there is no more any ongoing beef, it was still strange to see the G-Unit rapper bringing their feud to the public so long after it started in the first place.

Fans have seen many developments from the rivalry between the two, and while there have not been many sensibilities in the whole situation, it is good to know that they are at least done fighting.

50 has decided to shed a little light on his decision to go public with the beef and explained how it all started several years ago when Emmett allegedly asked him for a large loan to start a business.

And while the Power actor eventually did lend him the money, he claims that Emmett did not behave appropriately afterward, missing the repayment deadline while frequently bragging about taking lavish trips and generally living a nice lifestyle.

At some point, 50 had had enough and wanted to bring the story to the public so that everyone could see precisely what Emmett stood for, and how he behaved behind the scenes.

That is when the feud between the two started, and it looks like it was a pretty big one too, judging by everything that hans have seen coming out in the meantime.

Right now, it looks like the two are done with the fighting. However, whether that situation will remain in the future is hard to tell, especially in a world as volatile as the entertainment one.

A source told Hollywood Life : "It started about five years ago when Randall asked 50 for a million dollars to start a business. 50 gave him a loan and the deadline kept passing and it frustrated him to see Lala on Vanderpump Rules bragging about taking these lavish trips and private jets when he wasn't getting paid."

The insider continued with: "[50's] been paid and completely moved on and is totally over the drama from the feud with Lala Kent and Randall Emmett. He's also officially trademarking Randall's typo of fofty cent. The bank of fofty is officially closed."

What do you think of the way 50 has handled the whole feud? Was it really necessary?

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