Did Cyn Santana And Joe Budden Break Up For A 'Love And Hip Hop: New York' Storyline?

Did Cyn Santana And Joe Budden Break Up For A 'Love And Hip Hop: New York' Storyline?
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The engagement between Joe Budden and Cyn Santana was a short-lived one, as it only lasted a few months before the two decided to end things.

According to reports, the two have decided to split up for good, and have entirely separated from each other.

This includes their social media presence as well, as both are no longer following the other on any platforms.

It is not clear what is going on between the two and whether there is any chance of reconciliation.

Many of their fans have expressed hopes that the two are going to get back together at some point in the future though.

As some have pointed out, they have a son to take care of, and it would be a shame to see them split up for good.

Still, the stars have not shared much about their current situation, and nobody knows for sure what might have prompted their decision.

For things to end that quickly, something pretty bad must have happened – however, the situation remains under heavy speculation by pretty much everyone so far.

Representatives for the two have been quiet as well, and fans have not seen much information making its way to the public after the breakup was announced.

It is possible that followers are going to see an official explanation at some point soon, although it is also not unlikely that the two would prefer to keep things under wraps until they are more confident explaining what went down.

It is a pretty standard way of approaching things in the world of celebrities, after all.

An insider linked to Love and Hip Hop: New York told Hollywood Life : "Cyn is no longer wearing her engagement ring, and she has wiped Joe from her page, they have split. It just happened, he's gone on tour right now, and they had a blowout fight. It's very fresh."

The source continued: "Hopefully they can work it out, they have their son, and they have a lot of love. They are both very passionate, so hopefully, this is a case of fighting hard and loving hard, and the hope among their friends is that they will work this out. But as of now, she is saying it is over. She seems very upset, hurt and angry."

Fans are pushing the former rapper to go and get back his woman. Some of them even think the pair did this for the reality show.

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