Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Beach Body — Wears A Revealing Bathing Suit In New Photos

Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Beach Body — Wears A Revealing Bathing Suit In New Photos
Credit: Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is showing off her beach body in new photos that she's posted to her Instagram account. The newly blonde model and fashion designer posed for a photo where she stood outside, next to a fence on a vast area of lush landscape. Her faithful, rescue dog Colombo stood by her side as Emily's backside faced the camera. Putting on a cheeky display for her 26.6 million Instagram followers, Emily's post quickly garnered more than one million likes and over 2.5k comments. The photo is one of many where Emily poses in bikinis as she models her Inamorata Woman clothing line.

Emily chose not to caption the photo. Instead, she put a link to her Inamorata Woman Instagram page where she has been promoting new bathing suits that will soon hit the store.

Emily surprised fans several weeks ago when the 29-year-old showed off her newly bleached-blonde hair. Known for her dark, brunette locks the look was surprising to some Emily loves the new summer color and she isn't letting ay negativity get to her.

You may see a video of Emily Ratajkowski showing off her blonde hair below.

Emily looked stunning as she posed outside on a beautiful summer day and showed off her Inamorata Woman bikini. You may see that photo below.

Emily shared a photo of herself wearing a new, white bikini with chunky ties on her Inamorata Woman Instagram page. She didn't reveal the name of the bikini and only wrote in the photo's caption "coming soon." Again, Emily captured the photo from the back view and posed seated while pulling her hair forward, from the nape of the neck, and grasping it in a ponytail that she held with her hand. The photo was taken before she bleached her hair.

Emily showed off one more bikini style and again, chose to pose for a back view. She didn't say anything about this design and simply announced it was coming soon.

What do you think about Emily Ratajkowski's latest photos? Are you excited for the new Inamorata Woman bathing suits that are on the way?

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