Caroline Manzo Breaks Silence As Her Brother In Law Gets Arrested For Crimes Against Her Sister's Husband!

Caroline Manzo Breaks Silence As Her Brother In Law Gets Arrested For Crimes Against Her Sister's Husband!
Credit: Source: Reality Tea

Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo already had a strained relationship before their stint on Real Housewives of New Jersey. This latest family drama is guaranteed to put the sisters in even more of an awkward position.

Dina's ex-husband Tommy Manzo and someone believed to be an associate of his was recently arrested for crimes against Dina's now-husband, David Cantin.

Allegedly, it is believed that Tommy hired a mobster to rough up David in 2015 for dating his then estranged lover. The mobster, in return, was allowed to host his wedding at the Brownstone Restaurant which is co-owned by brothers Tommy and Albert Manzo.

In case you're wondering where the dots connect, Caroline is Tommy's sister-in-law.

The Manzo'd with Children star finally made a statement after the arrests last week where she said that her allegiance will be aligned with whoever is telling the truth.

'We are heartbroken. This is family on both sides. I want to know the truth and my allegiance will lie with the truth. We don’t run from things like this, we address them, and I feel comfortable with that because we are being painted with a brush that does not reflect who we are as people.'

Tommy's lawyer says that his client is innocent.

He told Page Six: '[Tommy is] absolutely innocent, and the allegations more resemble a fictionalized plot of a reality TV show and will be proven to be nothing more than that.'

It absolutely sounds like a scene out of The Sopranos.

The alleged mobster is named John Perna who is accused of  'using a dangerous weapon, namely a slap jack, with the intent to inflict serious permanent injury.'

Court papers claim that Thomas hired the hitman because he became upset that Cantin had a relationship with his wife.

Dina has yet to speak publicly about the shocking arrests.


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  • Lal561
    Lal561 Jul 6, 2020 3:16 AM PDT

    Why am not surprised, this is not a joke it happens all the time. Now the family business has to explain why a gangster was granted a special lowered price. Albert had to have knowledge.

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