Jon Gosselin Reveals Why His Son Collin Is Missing From Fourth Of July Family Pics!

Jon Gosselin Reveals Why His Son Collin Is Missing From Fourth Of July Family Pics!
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Jon Gosselin celebrated the Fourth of July with family just like many others but since his family situation is a pretty unique one, fans could not help but wonder about the whereabouts of his son, Collin , one of the two kids he lives with. The other one is Hannah and she was featured in the pic the man posted over the holiday that also showed his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, posing together happily.

As mentioned before, there was a fourth person that was expected to be in that snap but wasn’t so the dad of 8 felt like he needed to explain where the son was.

In the caption, Gosselin wrote: ‘Happy Fourth of July 🇺🇸 to every one!!! Sorry for the late post!!! Collin had other plans with his friends this weekend, that’s why he is not in the picture (shame I have to explain all that, but I just did)!!!!’

And he was not the only one informing people on social media about Collin’s absence from the holiday pics.

Colleen, who also posted a couple of wonderful pictures, wrote in the caption: ‘Happy 4th of July!! Missing Collin who dissed us for his friends.’

As fans know, Collin and Hannah are just two of the 16 year old sextuplets Jon and Kate share together and also the only two kids that live with him.

The exes, who are famous for their former reality TV show Jon and Kate Plus Eight, also share 19 year old twins who don’t live with either parents anymore since they are in college now, but used to be part of Kate’s household.

Jon has expressed his sadness over not having much of a relationship with either one of the other six kids that are not in his custody and has blamed Kate for it many times before.


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