Single And About To Become So Nowadays, Emily Ratajkowski Calls Herself A Bitch

Single And About To Become So Nowadays, Emily Ratajkowski Calls Herself A Bitch

As a result of her split with Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski is currently in the "bitch age." On Wednesday's episode of the Today show, the model and mother of a kid who is one year old named Sylvester opened up about her life as a soon-to-be single woman. She explained to hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager that she no longer tolerated what she formerly did.

It's beyond reason. In all honesty, it's a perfect thing. Ratajkowski, who is now 31 years old, has stated that the only man to whom she feels she has any obligation is her son.

The author of "My Body" admitted that she had spent most of her adult life as a serial monogamist, prompting Kotb and Bush Hager to inquire about her current self-identity. Is cursing allowed during this show? She chose to limit herself and responded, "I've been joking that I'm in my B era."

This word appeals to me because it gives me the impression that I am reclaiming it. It is regarded in a pejorative manner. On the other hand, I find myself saying, "No, no, this is a good thing!" She continued her speech without uttering profanity till the very end. I am not one to put up with nonsense.

When challenged about the possibility that she may have skipped from one relationship to another in the past, Ratajkowski responded that doing so helped her feel more secure.

She revealed that she believed it was a means for her to protect herself. I knew I was getting into a bizarre field, and I was already working in one where it is generally accepted that predatory, terrifying males abound. Blurred Lines' vixen diva further said that her need for adoration and approval also played a role.


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