Ellen DeGeneres Under Fire For Behind-The-Scenes Drama - But Why Aren't A-Listers Defending Her?

Ellen DeGeneres Under Fire For Behind-The-Scenes Drama - But Why Aren't A-Listers Defending Her?
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Even though Ellen DeGeneres has been labeled as one of the most respected women in the entertainment industry over her illustrious career, the television personality has found herself in hot water over the last few weeks.

The New York Post reported on an interesting theory today regarding DeGeneres and the recent controversy she has found herself in: that being the idea her behavior has inadvertently created a toxic working environment for her employees, and how none of her celebrity friends have defended her.

Reportedly, there is now an internal investigation into how Ellen runs her daytime talk show. As it was previously reported, Ellen's staff members accused her of bullying and racism. Former staff members shared shocking stories about the set.

The most interesting part of the controversy is the way in which many of her A-list friends haven't come to bat for her. The host has purportedly gained a great reputation for being friendly to other stars, but it would be a challenge for any of them to stand up for her.

Even though Ellen has made great friends in the industry, there are many people who have nothing but mean things to say about her, including the comedian, Kevin T Porter, who claimed she was one of the meanest people on earth.

Ellen has been accused of all kinds of horrible behavior, including demanding ways of dealing with people. For instance, staff members claimed they would have to chew gum from a bowl outside of her office before speaking to her.

If DeGeneres thought any of them smelled bad, she would order them to go home and shower. Moreover, Ellen reportedly once called Steve Jobs to complain about how the font size on her iPhone was far too small for her to look at.

Back in April of this year, Ellen got in trouble for making a joke about self-isolation. She joked about how staying in her $20 million house was like jail because she had been wearing the same outfit for ten days and "everyone (was) gay."

Regardless of her jokes, it's unclear why many of her friends in the industry haven't defended her publicly.

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  • Lurlee Perkins
    Lurlee Perkins Aug 4, 2020 6:06 PM PDT

    I love Ellen 💝 she has a great personality an a good heart. People always looking 👀 for the bad in people.🗣️ guess what look 👀 at self first it start there with self. Love you 💖 Ellen your to blessed to be stress 🦋💜😘🙌🏾

  • Lady
    Lady Aug 4, 2020 11:19 AM PDT

    I love Ellen and her show she seems like a truly amazing person and I watch the Ellen show to see Ellen so with that being said if there's no Ellen there's no reason for me to watch the show and it would be me a horrible waste of time to try to have someone else relaunch her show because Ellen has a great presence wonderful energy beautiful quirkiness she's just all together fun an amazing and she makes for a great show and I love her interaction with her audience and her guests at home

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