Ellen Degeneres Show Not Cancelled But 'Mean' Rumors Are Hurting Ratings

Ellen Degeneres Show Not Cancelled But 'Mean' Rumors Are Hurting Ratings
Credit: Source: Deadline

The Ellen Degeneres show has seemingly been on hiatus for quite some time. Considering the recent onslaught of firsthand Ellen horror stories, rumors started to swirl that the show had been cancelled.

However, The New York Post reached out to producers of the Emmy winning talk show who told them: 'Telepictures can confirm it’s untrue.'

This comes after people gathered on social media to reveal that the millionaire who preaches kindness isn't so kind herself.

Between a story about her telling a waitresses' manager that her nail polish was chipped to a former bodyguard's experience of being treated less than human by the talk show host -- Ellen's squeaky clean image has taken a beating.

To make things even worse, her former staff who worked on the show when it ran in-person aired their grievances when the comedian hired other people to run the program from home.

A shocking report from Variety detailed how her staff was left in the dark about their employment and payment status.


'For more than two weeks, from late March through April 9, crew members — from lighting to camera operators to grips — were left in the dark about if and how much they would be paid. Phone calls to crew members from a production coordinator at Telepictures, the Warner Bros. unit that produces 'Ellen,' were sporadic and often lacking any information before and after the 14-day blackout,' the article stated.

It went on to say: 'The lack of transparency continued as DeGeneres expanded her output from hosting four shows a week to five, shot over two days, said individuals with knowledge of the schedule. Radio silence from producers created anxiety among crew members who feared they would be furloughed and, in that case, would need to explore unemployment benefits.

TV News Check reported that her ratings fell 14 percent.

Although she may not have addressed it publicly, the drama is said to be getting to her .

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