Lamar Odom Wears His Love For Sabrina Parr On His Skin -- Gets Mixed Reviews

Lamar Odom Wears His Love For Sabrina Parr On His Skin -- Gets Mixed Reviews
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Lamar Odom is a new man after many years of highs, lows, and near-death experiences. The former husband of Khloe Kardashian has found a new love and is displaying it proudly on his skin.

Lamar took to Instagram to show off a tattoo he has of Sabrina Parr's lips.

He captioned the sweet photo: 'I wear my wedding ring on my neck!! Sorry if it offends anybody. Why? Tell me #mybabydoll #wifey #whenyouknowshetheone #lamarandsabrina #happywifehappylife.'

His comment section was full of supportive comments.

One follower said: 'You don’t have to apologize to anybody about things you do that don’t concern them! Keep living O.'

Another added: 'Love is a beautiful thing! And y’all are a beautiful couple!! I’m not offended.'


'It shouldn’t offend anyone!!! I’m so happy he have you! Positive air,' this fan added.

'Keep being happy and healthy, wish u guys everlasting love and oneness,' one sweet follower wrote.

When the photo was reposted to other gossip blogs the comments weren't as nice.

Sabrina nor Lamar seem to care about the haters.

The couple had plans to marry before the COVID-19 pandemic hit globally.

Parr most recently revealed that they have decided to be celibate until they officially tie the knot. However, before they tie the knot -- Lamar has to fix his relationship with his estranged children who found out about the engagement via social media.

After Lamar Junior slammed and apologized to his father and his new fiance, his daughter accused Sabrina of being an abuser.

Destiny Odom wrote a comment on her father's post that read: 'Was this before or after she punched you in the mouth.'

She also added messages to her Instagram Story that read: 'When abusers delete your messages before anyone can see it’ and ‘Keep your hands to yourself. Women can be abusive too. It is never okay to lay your hands on someone.’

Hopefully, the two have sorted out all of their issues.

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