Dua Lipa Interviews Senior Citizens Who Don't Know Who She Is In Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live! Prank Show

Dua Lipa Interviews Senior Citizens Who Don't Know Who She Is In Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live! Prank Show
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Dua Lipa served as a guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, a time during which she pulled a prank on elderly people regarding her identity. The New York Post says the performing artist was doing interviews with senior citizens about Dua Lipa, but the joke was that many of them didn't even know who she was.

During the segment, Dua touched on the fact that many of her fans are quite young, but she's always trying to reach a much broader audience. She introduced the section by explaining what she was up to in detail.

You can check out the interview below:

According to The Post, Dua started off all of the interviews by asking, "do you know who Dua Lipa is?" One man immediately jerked his head in confusion and asked, "who?" He said, "is that a person?"

A couple tried to repeat her name back to her, but wound up saying, "Dua Mita?" Another man confused the performing artist with the 1970s rock band, The Doobie Brothers. Fortunately for Dua, she played some of her songs for the interviewees and many of them liked it.

For instance, she played the song, "Break My Heart," and the woman said, "love it, love it, love it!" Dua Lipa asks her if they think she would do well in the music industry, and they told her she'd probably do quite good on TikTok .

At the end of the segment, Dua revealed her true identity, and each one had a different response. For instance, one man started laughing hysterically. Later, the singer-songwriter interviewed the No Doubt singer, Gwen Stefani , and Gwen told her she was really brave to open herself up to criticism like that.

Dua was in the news for other reasons this year, including when she announced her excitement over Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's pregnancy revelation . During a conversation with The Edge NZ, the star said, "Yeah, it's very exciting news."


Dua is dating Gigi's brother, Anwar, and they spent much of the quarantine period together.

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