Cardi B Says What Police Did To Breonna Taylor Is A 'Crime' - Asks Why No One Has Apologized

Cardi B Says What Police Did To Breonna Taylor Is A 'Crime' - Asks Why No One Has Apologized
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Cardi B, like many other performing artists and celebrities, isn't fond of what happened to Breonna Taylor . In fact, the rapper is downright outraged. Page Six says the rapper recently sat down for an interview with reporters from Elle Magazine for their September issue.

Cardi claimed to the journalist that what the police did to her was "really f*cked up." As it was previously reported, authorities shot Breonna to death in Louisville, Kentucky, after barging into her home on a no-knock warrant on the 13th of March, this year.

Cardi said what happened to Taylor was "so insane," and initially, she didn't know what happened. After doing some research herself, Cardi B explained, she became very bothered by it.

Cardi B went on to ask why there isn't a cop in jail. What they did to her was a "crime," Cardi explained. She asked why there haven't been any apologies either.

The Invasion of Privacy artist is currently in the middle of press rounds for her upcoming project. The rapper claimed she would always make music which makes women feel like a "bad b*tch," but this time around, she would feature more personal songs.

During her Elle interview , Cardi said she took inspiration from Beyonce's very successful Lemonade, which touched on the more intimate and personal side of her life. Regarding her idea of what female empowerment is, Cardi B said her music is meant to make women feel "bad." To her, that's what true empowerment is.

With all things considered, Cardi says her new record would have a mixture of both vibes. Some of her songs would be more intimate, and others would be more on the side of "female empowerment."

Cardi also touched on how she would talk about her relationship with Offset a lot more on the new project. A lot of people like to know what's going on between them, the mother-of-one remarked.


As most know, Cardi and Offset have frequently been in the headlines together regarding various allegations, cheating scandals, and other rumors. The Grammy Award winner says it feels like there is a "target" on her back sometimes.

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