The Weeknd Puts On Virtual Performance Which Ends Up Crashing TikTok's Server

The Weeknd Puts On Virtual Performance Which Ends Up Crashing TikTok's Server
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The Weeknd 's recent TikTok live concert was so popular that it crashed the social media application's server. According to Hot New Hip Hop, the application crashed when The Weeknd asked fans a question, sparking thousands upon thousands of people to write their replies and overloading the server.

The outlet says The Weeknd - born Abel Tesfaye - put on a virtual concert for his fans on TikTok. Around midnight, the performing artist shared a new single called "Smile," which featured a performance from the fallen rapper, Juice WRLD, who passed away at the ending of 2019.

Even though it was incredibly popular, some fans weren't happy that it lasted just under thirty minutes, despite agreeing just how incredible it was to see, at least in terms of the visuals. Of course, this comes after the massively successful release of The Weeknd's latest record, After Hours , which dominated the charts for 3 weeks.

TikTok has been in the news for other reasons lately, including the fact that the president is currently trying to eliminate the platform from the United States due to national security reasons.

Earlier this week, even Jason Derulo commented on the purported banning of the social sharing platform. Derulo has 30 million followers, and he said it would be a sad day to see it disappear from the US.

Although, the performing artist said he doubted it would actually be banned from the nation. Derulo spoke on the idea of companies, organizations, and government bureaucracies tapping into people's phones and spying on them.

He said it was already going on at a rate that most people are unaware of, but it seems as if most have accepted it. He described it as a "d*mned if you do, but d*mned if you don't" situation.

Regarding The Weeknd's activity these days, Nick Markus reported back in July that the performing artist dropped a new song which many believed was about his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Due to hints and subtleties in the video, fans were entirely convinced it was about her.

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