Drake Addresses Aggressive Booing At Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

Drake Addresses Aggressive Booing At Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival
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According to a report from the LosAngelesTimes.com, Drake apparently doesn't care that much about getting booed off stage while at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival this past weekend. Drake took to his IG account on Monday night to state that there wasn't a person on earth, especially of the hater-type, who would be able to tear him down.

The rapper joked that he'll continue to come back to the festival every year for the next decade as part of a "residency," similar to what would occur in Las Vegas. Drake's comments on the matter came after Tyler The Creator trashed those in the audience on Twitter, describing the people there as both "entitled" and "trash."

Drake wrote in his post that he just signed a 10-year deal for a residency at the festival, "sorry kids, see you every single year until you are 30," the rapper remarked in the social media caption. Drake was standing beside Taco, formerly of Odd Future.

As it was previously reported, Drake's comments came after his set at the festival was cut short on account of a booing and jeering crowd. Drake was announced as a surprise guest, and purportedly, fans in the audience were expecting Frank Ocean instead. Frank hasn't performed a show since 2017.

Reportedly, Drake did manage to get through a few of his biggest hits, including "Headlines," "I'm Upset," "Mob Ties," Started From The Bottom," in addition to "Both." The rapper turned to the crowd to check on how they were feeling, and after a series of boos, he backed out.

As it was noted above, in the aftermath of the show, Tyler The Creator took to his Twitter account to say he was disappointed to see one of the biggest "artists on the planet" receive treatment like that.

Additionally, Tyler The Creator vehemently criticized the audience, stating that it was like the real-life embodiment of entitlement as well as "cancel culture."

Following Drake's post, many people came out in support of him, including Kendall Jenner and Taco. Some of the other people at the festival included Juice WRLD, YG, Solange, as well as Earl Sweatshirt and FKA Twigs.

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