Donald Trump Wears His Pants Backwards And The Internet Has A Field Day!

Donald Trump Wears His Pants Backwards And The Internet Has A Field Day!
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After seemingly wearing his pants backwards while speaking in front of the Republican Party in North Carolina, the former POTUS was mocked quite a lot on social media for it! Not only that but they were all wrinkly as well and people online definitely had a field day over it.

One short clip from the speech was shared on Twitter by reporter Brandon Friedman, who wrote in the caption: ' Donald Trump gave his big speech today with his pants on backwards. Look close and tell me I am wrong.'

Sure enough, the blue pants Trump was wearing looked very crinkled and the zipper, which should have been visible at the front, was nowhere to be found.

A second user also posted: 'Did Trump not have a single staff member with enough guts to tell him he put his pants on backwards last night?'

Others were hilariously reminded of 90s hip-hop star Kriss Kross by the incident, since he also infamously wore his pants backwards.

'Kris Kross will make ya, Trump Trump,' one commentator said while another also wrote that 'Kriss Kross and DaddyMac were ahead of their time.'

Furthermore, many recalled the 2016 book by Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie in which they wrote that the Donald supposedly made White House communications director Hope Hicks steam his clothes while on him!

Trump would allegedly shout "Get the machine!' And Hope would take out the steamer and begin steaming Mr. Trump's suit, while wearing it! She would steam the jacket first, then sit in a chair in front of him and steam his pants.'

With that being said, there were some tweets making fun of that as well, one saying: 'TFW you realize Hope Hicks was actually the most important member of your team.'


What do you think of all the jokes people made about the pants situation?

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