President Joe Biden Enlists 1,000 Black-Owned Beauty Salons And Barbershops To Administer Covid Vaccine

President Joe Biden Enlists 1,000 Black-Owned Beauty Salons And Barbershops To Administer Covid Vaccine
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President Joe Biden is making a lot of people happy following the latest events. Check out the reports coming from The Shaded Room in order to learn all the available details.

TSR notes that 'President Joe Biden is continuing his promise to make sure that as many Americans as possible are vaccinated against COVID-19—and his latest efforts are centered within the Black community. President Biden just announced his “Shots At The Shop” initiative, which is set to enlist 1,000 Black-owned beauty salons and barbershops across the country to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.'

According to TSR, 'CNN reports, as President Biden inches closer to his July 4th goal of having 70% of Americans fully vaccinated, he just introduced a major way to do so, courtesy of the Black community. He formally announced a brand new initiative called “Shots At The Shop” that is aimed at recruiting and training 1,000 Black-owned beauty salons and barbershops to administer and promote the COVID-19 vaccinations throughout the country. The Biden administration will also team up with various organizations to help, such as the Black Coalition Against COVID, popular beauty brand SheaMoisture and the University of Maryland Center for Health Equity.'

TSR also noted that 'For the entirety of June, each of the 1,000 participating beauty salons and barbershops will share information about the vaccine with customers, display educational materials, and host on-site vaccination events. That’s not all that Biden has planned to ramp up vaccination efforts, as “Shots At The Shop” will also include free childcare for parents who want to get vaccinated, keeping pharmacies open for 24 hours on Fridays and partnering with local mayors in a race to see who can rise its vaccination numbers the fastest.'

Someone said: 'leave us alone about this damn vaccine, damn,' and another follower posetd this: 'Why they so pressed to vaccinate the black community 🥴✋🏾'

One other follower said: 'Biden is NOT for the black ppl ... he's mixed with KKK and the elites ...' and someone else posted this: 'He might as well said I’ll give you Fried Chicken to get the shot 🤷🏾‍♂️'


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