Donald Trump Promises To Build A 'National Garden' Of U.S. Heroes Statues And People Are Outraged!

Donald Trump Promises To Build A 'National Garden' Of U.S. Heroes Statues And People Are Outraged!
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While people in the country have been celebrating all the racist statues being taken down amid the Black Lives Matter movement protests, it looks like the POTUS is pretty pressed about it. That being said, during his speech at Mount Rushmore yesterday, Donald Trump announced his plans to actually build a ‘national garden’ of statues!

More precisely, he thinks that what America needs right now is a place filled with cold, unmoving figures of ‘American heroes.’

As you can imagine, his project idea did not pass with social media users who were quick to criticize the Donald for being so out of touch.

At the same time, there were some who tried to help with some suggestions, the most popular being that the current president should make the project about the COVID-19 health crisis instead!

‘Won’t do anything about the Coronavirus, but will build a park of statues,’ someone tweeted.

Another user joked that this ‘’National Garden Of American Heroes’ will feature ‘Kid Rock, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Ted Nugent.’

Here are more tweets on the matter: ‘How about a national garden dedicated to all the Americans lost to COVID-19? #ExecutiveOrder.’ / ‘The national garden of American heroes? WTH is this trivial s**t? How about focusing on a pandemic that has already killed >129,000 Americans.’ / ‘Just what Americans need right now: a statue park.’

During the same speech, Trump also vowed that Mount Rushmore will never be taken down like all those other racist statues disappearing overnight amid the BLM protests.

Instead, he insisted that ‘Mount Rushmore will stand forever as an eternal tribute to our forefathers and to our freedom.’

The POTUS called out the hurt people vandalizing the statues and labeled them collectively as ‘angry mobs.’

He even touched upon ‘cancel culture’ suggesting that it’s the ‘very definition of totalitarianism’ something that will never have a place in the States.

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