Melania Trump Dress Mocked On Social Media - People Say It Looks Like Donald Trump Drew On It With A Sharpie!

Melania Trump Dress Mocked On Social Media - People Say It Looks Like Donald Trump Drew On It With A Sharpie!
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Melania Trump stepped out for a Fourth of July event in an Alexander McQueen dress and caused everyone on social media to talk about it. However, it was not for a positive reason at all that they were discussing her fashion.

Users were rather amused by the fact that the pattern on the white material looks like black squiggles.

That being said, many mocked her by joking that it was most likely the POTUS drawing with a black sharpie on Melania’s dress that led to it looking like that.

It all started with the first couple attending a Mount Rushmore event on the Fourth of July.

Donald and Melania Trump were photographed a lot while there and so, the pictures of the First Lady’s fashion were quick to be spread all over social media.

The designer dress costs no less than $2485 and is knee length.

But rather than who it was by and how it fit Melania, people were only interested in mocking the pattern that some said looked like the Donald had scribbled on it with a black marker!

Here are a couple of the many jokes on it: ‘ Donald Trump got bored and drew all over Melania’s white dress with a sharpie on Air Force One.’ / ‘Will somebody please take that sharpie away from him! Now he is drawing on Melania’s dress, ffs.’

Some were even remembered of another ‘Sharpiegate’ involving the current president from last year.

At the time, Trump used a big sharpie to alter a Hurricane Dorian map.

‘Apparently Trump tried to draw a hurricane path on Melania’s dress.’ / ‘He gone and doodled with the sharpie all over her dress now. I thought they took away his sharpie after the hurricane incident?’ a couple of other users joked.

What do you think about Melania’s dress and people dissing it?

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  • Kafantaris George
    Kafantaris George Jul 5, 2020 9:20 AM PDT

    It’s not the dress, Melania looks good on anything. And if Trump is smart he’d have her next to him whenever he’s in public. And if he’s the genius he claims he should ignore his kids and his own ego and have Melania run his campaign from now on. That’s right, she’s about the only one that can help him at this stage.

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