Melania Trump Wore Dior To Honor Saint John Paul II With President Donald Trump

Melania Trump Wore Dior To Honor Saint John Paul II With President Donald Trump
Credit: Source: FLOTUS/Instagram

First Lady Melania Trump wore Dior as she and President Donald Trump honored Saint John Paul II with a ceremonial wreath at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine. Though many people found President Trump's and Melania's visit to the shrine controversial, the National Shrine released a statement saying that the event had been scheduled to sign an order on international religious freedom.

Melania wore black for the occasion, which was symbolic as she was remembering John Paul II and she chose to wear Dior's Sleeveless Coat Dress that retails for approximately $3,100. She paired the dress with Manolo Blahnik BB leather pumps that cost about $600. She took several photos, some with sunglasses and others without. The sunglasses Melania wore were from Saint Laurent and they're called the M16 sunglasses. They cost about $330 a pair.

The Saint John Paul II National Shrine released the following statement about President Donald Trump's and Melania Trump's visit.

"The White House originally scheduled this as an event for the president to sign an executive order on international religious freedom. This was fitting given Saint John Paul II was a tireless advocate of religious liberty throughout his pontificate. International religious freedom receives widespread bipartisan support, including unanimous passage of legislation in defense of persecuted Christians and religious minorities around the world. The Shrine welcomes all people to come and pray and learn about the legacy of Saint John Paul II."

Some noticed that Melania and President Trump had stern expressions on their faces and though many people agreed that Melania's outfit was gorgeous, that couldn't help the memes from flooding social media.

It wasn't just people on social media who took issue with President Trump visiting the National Shrine. The Catholic Archbishop of Washington D.C. Wilton Gregory called their presence "baffling and reprehensible."

A video also went viral where people suspected that President Donald Trump had told Melania to smile for the camera. Since Donald Trump's inauguration, there have been people who suspect that President Trump holds some form of control over Melania and frequently tells her what to do when they are out in public.

You may see that video below.

What do you think about First Lady Melania Trump's Dior outfit?

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