Donald And Melania Trump Slammed For Not Wearing Masks And Gloves While Planting Tree On Earth Day!

Donald And Melania Trump Slammed For Not Wearing Masks And Gloves While Planting Tree On Earth Day!
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Once again, Donald and Melania Trump are in hot water! The first couple made a lot of people on social media really angry when they celebrated Earth Day without wearing any protective gear amid this global pandemic!

The same can be said about Vice President Mike Pence, and Lady Karen Pence, the four of them ignoring the CDC guidelines and not wearing gloves or face masks while planting a sapling on the White House lawn to mark Earth Day.

They were all in close proximity, the ladies and the men even sharing the same two shovels in an awkward way while practically stuck to each other, but there was no protection against the outbreak to be seen on any of them!

This comes after the President did say previously that he had no intention of wearing a face mask as he felt it was not really fitting for his position in office.

Voters immediately called them out for their dangerous behavior.

Here are a few of the annoyed reactions they got on social media: ‘With nobody wearing masks [eye rolling emoji].’ / ‘Cough cough.’ / ‘No social distance either. No gloves either… but sure, let’s share a shovel.’ / ‘What I would have given for one of them to sneeze.’ / ‘Nice social distancing there, Chief.’

There were also others who joked that the foursome were ‘burying the Constitution’ and ‘digging their own graves.’

As you probably know, it’s not necessary that people wear masks in the house around their family members but the CDC did recommend wearing it when outside and around others not part of the immediate family.

Obviously, the Trumps and the Pences were not just close to each other during the event but also close to the many photographers in attendance who, hopefully, did follow the CDC recommendations and wore protective gear.


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