Chris Brown And Ammika Harris's Baby Boy, Aeko, Delights Fans With His Puzzling Facial Expressions In New Photo

Chris Brown And Ammika Harris's Baby Boy, Aeko, Delights Fans With His Puzzling Facial Expressions In New Photo
Credit: Credit: Instagram

Like that baby, Aeko Brown is growing up right in front of millions of fans of his famous R&B singer father, Chris Brown, and his model mother, Ammika Harris.

Recently, Ammika took to Instagram, where she delighted fans with a sweet photo of Aeko giving that look that says, "mom, it wasn't me."

Supporters of the artist and the model went wild over the picture and were quick to call the child a real blessing.

One fan reached out and said: "You are so blessed beyond measure." This backer shared: "This that i thought a broke baby said sum face 😭."

This fan wrote: "He loooking like "what you said? yea, that's what i thought 😭😭 Aeko is looking out for his mommy 😍😍😍."

Another backer had this to say: "Girl his face is just sooo adorable 😩! 💕💕💕😍😂his Little ears💙. Is he looking like "huh? did you say milk?" 😂"

This follower revealed: "Such a cutie pie ,he go break hearts 😍❤️sheedasheed. This little boy is sooooo cute!CUTEST baby boy!!! He definitely has your eyes @ammikaaa, but nose down is all CB. 💙"

This Instagrammer revealed: "Looks like he's saying...Huh, Say what? Lol he's so precious😍. I want to hug and kiss him so much. He is so adorable and cute may god always bless him 😍🥺 Little @chrisbrownofficial with mommy's eyes. Such a beautiful boy."

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed that despite being miles apart, Ammika is working hard to make sure that Chris spends a lot of time with his son.

The insider shared: "Ammika made a point to FaceTime Chris with Aeko in order to wish him a happy Father's Day. It's Aeko's first Father's Day ever that he's celebrating, and although he can't be with his dad, Ammika made sure to call so they could still see each other."

The family friend continued: "Chris was able to see Aeko on Father's Day, and he gets updated with texts of pictures all the time. When they can FaceTime, they do it often because Chris is genuinely interested in all of what Aeko does. He wants to see Aeko as soon as possible, and he is trying to figure out how that can happen every single day."

Aeko already has her parents' star power.

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