Dina Lohan DWI Arrest: Conflicting Reports Surface As Dina's Lawyer Makes Statement

Dina Lohan DWI Arrest: Conflicting Reports Surface As Dina's Lawyer Makes Statement
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There are new updates in the Dina Lohan DWI arrest case. Dina was arrested in New York, after allegedly leaving an Outback Steakhouse, clipping a car, then fleeing the scene of the accident. She was arrested on Saturday, January 11, 20202, and faces multiple charges, including DWI , but now that her attorney has released a statement to TMZ, it is clear there are conflicting reports. Dina was arrested and taken to jail, and on Sunday morning, her attorney Mark Jay Heller released the following statement to TMZ.

"The arrest of Dina Lohan is most unfortunate. She was not evaluated for alcohol content in her blood at the time she was arrested. We have interposed a not guilty plea at her arraignment to all six charges. We look forward to attending court this Wednesday to fight the case. I was successful in getting her out without bail. She was released without bail by the judge."

The statement is contradictory to an earlier report by TMZ that quotes their sources as saying Dina's blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. That report has been updated and the earlier statements about Dina's blood alcohol content is no longer listed.

At this point, it seems that Dina did not submit to a breathalyzer test and her defense will be to contest that she was impaired at the time of her arrest.

You may see a video of Dina Lohan being released from jail in the video player below.

Dina Lohan will appear in court a second time on Wednesday.

What do you think of the news that Dina was arrested? If Dina beats the DWI, she still has additional charges she is facing; however, the most serious of these is the DWI which would be a felony conviction.

Dina Lohan hasn't released a statement other than what her attorney has said and she hid her face from the cameras as she left the courthouse.

It has been reported that Lindsay Lohan was unaware of her mother's arrest until the media broke the news.  Are you going to follow the latest news updates on Dina Lohan's DWI arrest and her upcoming court hearing on Wednesday, January 15, 2020?

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