Diddy Shows Up With T.I. At 2 Chainz's Birthday In Viral Pictures And Gave Him Something Very Rare

Diddy Shows Up With T.I. At 2 Chainz's Birthday In Viral Pictures And Gave Him Something Very Rare
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2 Chainz decided to take advantage of the fact that his birthday coincided with September 13th, and threw a spooky-themed party with a full-blown graveyard, candles, and tombstones with various messages like “RIP To My Haters” and “RIP To Her Weave.”

Many commented on how creative the rapper’s party was for someone of his social status, and it looks like everyone had a good time. At one point, Diddy rolled up with a new flavor of Ciroc in his hands -- white grape.

The bottle was done in a golden style and seemed to be quite a suitable gift for 2 Chainz, who appreciated it a lot.

And it looks like Diddy also took advantage of the situation to promote his brand in a not-so-subtle way, noting that the new flavor is still exclusive and has not been released to the public.

Pre-orders are already available on the official website, but it will take a while before fans get to taste the new drink like 2 Chainz. Various celebrities could be spotted in the audience, including DJ Khaled, T.I., and Jeezy.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time with the spooky atmosphere of the event.

Even though some online commenters initially tried to describe it as a bit tacky, that was not the final result in the end and was not indicative of the opinions of the various celebrities attending the event.

Entirely, on the contrary, it was a major hit with everyone, regardless of status. Diddy, 49, is also making headlines for his romance with Lori Harvey, 22.

A source told Hollywood Life this about the controversial romance: “Lori and Diddy do not see each other at this point. They were never even officially a couple, but they did hang out a few times, and there were some flirtations there. But things have fizzled out between the two, and it was nothing more than a summer fling.”

The person in the know added: “Ultimately, Lori couldn’t get past their age difference because they were just at completely different stages in their lives and wanted different things. There are no hard feelings between the two; they’re both mature adults and have moved on. It’s as simple as that.”

Diddy might be keeping fans on their toes with rumored Harvey relationship.

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