Young Rapper Is Hailed As The Next Tupac Shakur For This Eerie Reason

Young Rapper Is Hailed As The Next Tupac Shakur For This Eerie Reason
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Comparing a modern rapper to the late Tupac Shakur is always a touchy subject in the hip-hop community, no matter how good one may be.

Tupac left a mark that is too iconic for anyone to replace, and for this reason, many have intentionally avoided making any comparisons with him at all when discussing more recent performers.

However, it looks like one rapper, in particular, may have drawn enough positive attention to himself to be widely considered as “the next 2pac” by many fans of the music.

Playboi Carti’s fans have taken to Twitter to proclaim their admiration for the rapper, describing him as a worthy replacement of the old legend.

Playboi Carti, whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, was born September 13, 1996 -- the same day the "California Love" rapper was killed.

The person said: “playboi carti being born on the same day that tupac died really does solidify that he’s the second coming of tupac.”

And while there was a large number of posts repeating the same sentiment being thrown around, it was also a controversial statement in the eyes of many.

It does not look like this notion is enjoying too much acceptance outside of the circles of Playboi Carti’s own fans, as other rap enthusiasts have disagreed.

Some have suggested that this could be just a joke by the rapper’s fans who might be trying to stir up some controversy on purpose.

It would somewhat make sense in light of the attitude displayed by Playboi Carti in general, as it is no secret that he enjoys being provocative.

However, it does seem like some of those comments were made in a more serious tone, and various people really do appear to believe that their favorite rapper is the next incarnation of the legendary 2pac.

In a recent interview, the young MC spoke about his icons and stated: “Instinct, bro. I definitely have icons, but what happens when you overdo that? You know what I’m saying. The drip is in you. Be yourself. It’s in you. Don’t overdo the drip. It’s embarrassing. Be yourself. I look at sh8t like when I’m in New York, bro there’s so much going on here, the amount of stuff you get off people. Everything affects it. Everything that’s going on in the world today. How I feel this week. The weather. All that affects my fashion. I’m feeling good; I might wear some dazzley sh8t.”

Is Playboi Carti the new 2 Pac?

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