Diddy Shares Glamourous Photos With His Family

Diddy Shares Glamourous Photos With His Family
Credit: BET

Diddy shared some amazing photos on his social media account in which he's together with his family. They all look amazing and happy, and this makes Diddy's fans and followers excited.

Check out the post that he shared to see the really cool pics.

Big and beautiful family, god bless you all,' Diddy said.

Someone else posted this: 'Beautiful FAMILY.I was there but not there when you first appeared on Tv...And to see you now from then. You are King to your BEAUTIFUL Family...Let not your riches be the reason but the knowledge you are blessed And highly favor...And you Enjoy the Labor you deservedly deserve to Enjoy Fruits of your Labor. Be Bless.'

Another follower posted this: '@diddy, can you teach @diamondplatnumz how to not discriminate against his children and not showing favoritism!.'

Someone else said: 'The twin standing next to Quincy looks so much like Kim in the picture.'

A commenter posted this: 'Omg, the twins are so grown up and so beautiful. They look so much like their mom,' and somoene else said: 'The girl in the last picture looks just like Julia Roberts❤️'

A commenter said: 'You have a beautiful family all very good looking hahaha, but you just joking stay safe all#❤️ 🌍' and somoene else posted this: 'Diddy you did good! Look at all those happy, beautiful kids.'

In other recent news, Diddy is celebrating the birthday of his mom, and he made sure to mark the event on social media as well. Check out the post that he shared here.

‘happy new year from me and #mamcombs let dance!!! LOVE!!!’ Diddy captioned his post.

Also, not too long ago, Diddy shared a motivational message  for his fans out there on social media. Check out his words that had a lot of people praising him.


‘One of the secrets to happiness,’ Diddy posted.

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