Diddy Allegedly Feels Betrayed By Cassie After She Slept With The Trainer He Paid For

Diddy Allegedly Feels Betrayed By Cassie After She Slept With The Trainer He Paid For
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It was already reported that Diddy was shocked by what Cassie recently did. As you all know, he took to social media to declare his love for her and what came next shocked everyone.

It looks like Cassie didn't waste any time before she decided to post a pic of her and a mystery man kissing. This way, she killed Diddy's love message without even blinking.

Now, the whole Internet went crazy to find out the identity of the man Cassie was kissing, and it seems that the new boyfriend in Alex Fine.

She posted a pic with him while kissing on social media.

Someone said that they are 'Not surprised that she ended up with a white boy...knew that was coming. Think that has been her flavor all along.'

Another follower posted 'Wow you did that sis. I’m so happy for you! He’s handsome too ;) you deserve it, queen.'

A supporter wrote '@cassie I see you in that studio making that music just like God wanted you too baby 2019 is your year sing sing sing beautifully.'

One other commenter said '@cassie I can’t wait to hear your sweet voice in these songs on your album this is 2019 your year baby doll shine like the diamond you are.'

TMZ reported that these two have been seeing each other even while she was still together with Diddy! Ouch!

Sources who are closer to the situation spilled the tea for TMZ and here's what Hot New Hip Hop has to report about this:

'Diddy hired trainer Jamal Liggin, but his schedule was so hectic he delegated some of his work to his own team of hired trainers. Liggin set Diddy up with Alex Fine, and the hip-hop mogul allegedly let Fine train, Cassie.'

Some other sources, on the other hand, claim that these two did not start dating until Cassie and Diddy were over for good.

Now, Diddy may be feeling betrayed, and this adds up to the pain that he's been feeling since the passing of Kim Porter.

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