Diddy Shares A Terrifying Video About The System In America

Diddy Shares A Terrifying Video About The System In America
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Diddy shared a video about the system in America and people of color which left a lot of fans debating the issue in the comments. Check it out below.

A follower said: 'It angers me so much how they do us!' and a lot of people accused Diddy of promoting hate and being racist.

Someone else posted this: 'Why does diddy keep discrediting the same system that gave him all the opportunities and eventually made him a billionaire? Diddy is beginning to sound racist to me.'

Another follower said: 'Facts! But, since we're citizens we have a justifiable obligation to make it our own. We must collaborate with other so-called minority groups to form an interconnected community that is focused on the pursuit of equality and justice for all of humanity.'

One other fan posted this: 'Sad🤧 Got to keep fighting for equality and informing. Been fighting for a long time cant stop 🙏❤️'

Another person said: 'Very interesting I must study this more closely peace be with you in everything you do and touch,' and someone else posted: 'Nor was Africa was built for Africa that's okay they'll get his stupid in his own country.'

A person noted this: 'It’s not a personal opinion. IT'S FACTS.. stop being so scared to call a spade a spade!'

In other news, not to long ago, Diddy had an important message for fans, and he shared it on his social media account.

He’s been very vocal these days about everything that’s been happening in the US and the whole world.

Check out the message that  Diddy shared on his social media account.

It's also worth noting that Diddy  shared a message on his social media account in which he was telling his fans and followers that the battle ‘is not over’ yet and they have to continue fighting.

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